How to Stop a Breakup

How to Stop a Breakup

A loving relationship can be one of the most blissful experiences on the face of the earth. However, relationships can be sometimes great and blissful and at other times they can also be difficult and stressful to handle.

Relationships generally require teamwork from both partners in learning mostly to understand the other person and to know what is important to him or her. Unfortunately, most times we find that one of the partners in the relationship may feel that they are no longer getting what they need from it and decide to want to leave the relationship.

In life breakups appears to be inevitable as it seems that relationships are meant to be broken, otherwise we might never find our soul mates. When most breakups happen, it may simply be because of the “bad chemistry” that exists between the partners or because they were not just meant to be together.

Howbeit, once in a while we come across that special someone whom we feel is perfect for us and that we do not want to leave at no cost and would therefore want to prevent any possible breakup. Even when a breakup may seem imminent, you need not despair. You can avoid a breakup, salvage your relationship and rebuild it to be more formidable and enviable.

Signs of a Possible Breakup

The following are some signs of a possible breakup that should be taken into consideration though they are nowhere exhaustive.

  1. If your spouse appears to be placing some distance between both of you either in a verbal or physical way, then know for sure that something is not well in the relationship.
  2. It might even boil down to him or her not answering your calls and when they do return the calls cannot give you any substantial reason for their action.
  3. When your spouse start becoming unnecessarily annoyed, in a frequent bad mood and at times even become too argumentative, the alarm bells in your head should start ringing as these could also be telltale signs of an ailing relationship.
  4. Your spouse is now paying less attention to you, deriding and criticising your every action and motive, then watch it.
  5. When issues of your mutual future concerns are brought up, he or she simply changes the subject to something more mundane.

Having seen some of the possible signs of an ailing relationship that might be heading for a breakup, let us now look at how we can stop such a potential breakup from happening.

  • Uncovering the Problems

    When we can diagnose the problem with the relationship, then we are half way through finding a lasting solution for it. If you have a breakup staring you in the face then you need to do some serious thinking about the relationship. You need to discover your weaknesses and how to overcome them. Are you neglecting your partner, nagging or simply not committing to the relationship? Search your heart and ask your partner what it is they feel is wrong with the relationship.

    Open Up and Communicate

    Relationships are all about human interaction. In fact, almost all breakups can be attributed to be as a result of some form breakdown in communication between the partners. The soundness or otherwise of our relationships are basically a by-product of how we communicate with our each other. When there is no effective communication, distrust and unhappiness inadvertently will rear their ugly heads in the relationship.

    Sadly and in a way ironically, it is often during this ailing period in majority of relationships that most couples stop talking to each other. Rather when communication hiccups occur in a relationship, one of the partners must take the initiative to stand up and approach the subject with a view to finding solutions to it.

    p>Do not let anything agitating you to build up inside you, learn to talk about it and work through it with your partner. Couples need to open up and bear their emotions, talking and expressing their feelings and wants in the relationship. They need to find out what their spouse want out of the relationship and ways of accomplishing them.

    Compromise and make Changes

    For a relationship to work, both parties must be ready to make sacrifices and be open to making changes where necessary. Very often in potential breakups, it is common for the guy to simply be taking his lady for granted and she might often have the problem of incessant nagging. Are there obvious things you can change about yourself and your actions? Then do it if it will help in healing the relationship.

    Realise how important your relationship is to you and be willing to go the extra mile for it. Keeping this in mind will help you to more openly talk about things, and work through difficulties more easily in the relationship. If you truly value your relationship that much there should be nothing you wouldn’t be willing to give to make it work.

    Seek Professional Counseling

    Often times, it might be difficult for you and your partner to personally sort out these differences and it might therefore be necessary to seek the help of a professional counsellor. From an experienced and unbiased point of view, a professional relationship counsellor can more easily help in pinpointing the underlying issues and help both parties realise their roles in the difficulties they are experiencing.

    Allow for Some Space

    Too many people believe that waiting for things to sort out themselves in the best solution to their problems. Problems require solutions and delays in an ailing relationship can make matters worse.

  • Despite the fact that one has to be proactive in dealing with a relationship that is on the brink of breaking up, it is still necessary to give your significant other some space. This provides them some time to analyse the issues before them in a more comfortable manner and will show your partner that you trust in their reasoning abilities and trust that they will come to a rational conclusion.

    Work on the relationship

    You have to start the relationship afresh. You need to now start spending some quality time with your spouse and start doing all those things that used to make you happy as a couple. Also make some extra effort in doing some of those things that your partner likes.

    Now that you have been able to salvage your relationship from breaking up, you need to work on it to prevent the same incidents from repeating themselves in the future.