Playing Hard to Get

It is surprising how certain things, concepts, and ideologies that appear mysterious and elusive by nature tend to fascinate and intrigue the human mind arousing such feelings of awe and interest. The human mind is inquisitive by nature and that is why concepts and ideas such as God, creation, the weather, human nature, male-female relationships are all things that are beautiful, very real but still so difficult to fully understand and pin down thus arousing such great interest.

For this same reason, once someone who has attracted their attention piques a man or woman’s interest, they often will not rest until they have explored the situation to a conclusive end and satisfied their curiosity. One of the partners playing hard to get can exploit this animalistic tendency to take a relationship to a higher level.

The art of playing hard to get can be very powerful if used properly in a new or existing relationship. It is simply the process of showing someone how what you have to offer is of “quality” and rare, and that it will be beneficial to them and the relationship. It is about creating and negotiating the conditions that will allow him or her to see what you are offering, choosing it and taking the necessary actions towards acquiring it.

Most times, we get into a relationship that has so much vibe and good chemistry and apparently knowing the need of not appearing needy, desperate, controlling, pushy, etc for reasons of not putting off the interest of the other person. Unfortunately, once interest is generated, most simply start showing how “very much in love” they are with the object of their interest by doing all sort of things. At this point, things virtually start falling apart as the object of their interest starts pulling back.

The feeling and pleasure that comes from having accomplished a set objective, and that one has extended him or herself to their fullest potential in doing something they consider worthwhile and profitable is so riveting that it virtually creates more drive to want to accomplish more. This is equally the way playing hard to get should be.

  • Playing hard to get thrives on keeping the interest of the attracted person alive and growing by doing things that continually provoke their interest creating that feeling of always being new, fresh and exciting.

    Love in all its magnificence and unfathomable characteristic needs to be cultivated over time. The feeling of love is mysterious, exciting, challenging, satisfying and can be sometimes hard to get. Just imagine when you finally find it, how you treasure it, and never want to let it go.

    However, like an ember of fire, it needs fanning to keep it burning brightly or it dies faster than you can imagine. Playing hard to get is the best way to take your relationship deeper into the mystery and magnificence of love in a loving and affectionate way.

    To start playing hard to get you must first evaluate and ascertain that you have adequately aroused the interest of the other person and that they are interested in the “chase”. The way you have presented yourself to the eyes must have an apparent hint of fun and enjoyment, excitement and adventure, and there must be that element of attraction and arousal.

    What you are really doing at this point is that you are deliberately arranging yourself to be caught by the other person while they simply assume they are chasing you of their own accord. The person is excited, stimulated, and aroused by his or her own imagination. This imagination is what feeds the thrill of the chase in playing hard to get.

    However, while playing hard to get, one should avoid the mistake of not confusing this with being elusive “playing impossible to get” or in a way becoming inaccessible (scarce) to the object of interest. Many people in their attempt to create this sense of mystery, unfamiliarity, and the thrill of the chase end up just becoming too elusive, that the other person assumes they’re not interested or simply gets tired and gives up the chase. If wisely played, a little bit of mystery, challenge and “out of reach” every now and then can inspire him or her not to become complacent or take you for granted.

    While it is good not to seem too available, it is equally counter-productive to not be picking up the phone or answering their emails, always saying you are busy, ignoring them and other things like that just to make you appear busy and unavailable in order for them to chase you.

  • Issues such as deception, ignoring, avoiding, acting unconcerned, indifferent, and aloof are not in consonance with the “Play” aspect of “playing hard to get” but simply “Hard to get” which will never inspire anyone who is emotionally secure, healthy and mature to fall in love with you. You will only attract people who have the same vibe to you.

    When your life is actually busy and exciting, there will be no need to be pretentious and people will naturally want to become part of it. This is a better way to go than living in the falsehood of being unavailable.